Press 53 — Prime Number Magazine Flash Fiction Contest, “Across the Sinai at Night;” Second Prize; Spring 2019

Spelk Fiction “One True Thing,” June 2019

Booth “This is How To Say Goodbye to Your Daughter,” May 2019

Fish Publishing Short Story Prize “Temper,” Shortlisted 2018

            Citron Review “Freedom,” Winter 2018 (Best Microfiction Nominated)

The Midnight Oil "The Last Time I Saw My Father," Spring 2018 (Pushcart Nominated)

            Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest "Siege," Honorable Mention 2017

Third Coast Fiction Competition "Siege," Finalist, 2018

Bird's Thumb  "A Situation in Beauty,"  Spring 2018

Epiphany Writers Studio 30th Anniversary Anthology "Back," 2017

Steam Ticket “Break,” 2015 (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

River Styx 91/92 “Map of Djerba,” Spring 2014, (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

New Pages Review: "Exploring the vagaries and traumas of family life as well as the difficulty of adapting to new surroundings are two primary themes running through much of the issue’s fiction. Andrea Marcusa grapples with both of these themes in her first-person short story 'Map of Djerba,' about a fourteen year-old New York City boy named Jake who’s sent to live with his grandfather on an island off the coast of Tunisia after his parents are killed in a car accident. In her ambitious story, Marcusa considers with restrained elegance the dual traumas of losing one’s family and being immersed in a new culture, allowing Jake’s rather mature acceptance of these changes to feel more impactful..."

Liz Ahl: "Andrea Marcusa’s 'Map of Djerba' is a lovely short story about a young boy navigating loss and a huge change in his life. It doesn’t hurt that Star Wars features somewhat prominently in the story as well."

 New South “Lessons From Space,”  Winter - Spring 2011

Antigonish Review “Bloodsucker,”  Spring 2009,  Winner Fiction Competition

Ontario Review “Donors,” Spring 2008, Finalist Fiction Competition


Eastern Iowa Review  "In the Hotel Pool on The Dead Sea Road; Jordan, 2008" 2018 (Lyrical Essay); "Boulevard Mohamed Bouazizi" 2017, (Lyrical Essay - Pushcart Prize Nominated) 

            Baltimore Review "Hamman Language," Spring 2017 (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

New Letters “Of Sugar, Butter, Flour and Chocolate,” Essay Competition Finalist, 2014

Waccamaw Review "Wild Blue Parakeet,"  2017 (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

Star 82 “Business Travel,” Fall 2013 (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

Copper Nickel: “Computer Model,” Fall, 2005;  “Googling Home,” Fall, 2007

Tiny Lights: “Stitches," 2011; “Gliding Away,” Spring, 2007


TheNewsVerseNews "His Name," January 2013



 Christian Science Monitor:

“Would a Dating Website Have Matched Us?” 2008

“The Hush Before the Rush,”  2007

“Where Water Meets Sand,” 2007

"The sweet fairy morphs into the Wicked Witch," 2005

“I Rediscover the Joys of Chestnuts,” 2005

“Timid Mom to Truck-Driving Mama,” 2004

“September 11, One Year Later,” 2002

 “My Partyline to the U.N,”   2001

"Homework: The Hard-Fought Joys," 2001

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 Newsday:  “Neat Hedges,”  2006



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